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南灣中文學校 - 創立于1971年服務南灣地區40+年,從未更改校名,也没有開設分校.  WHY  Should  YOU ? Is it  SAFE? [CLICK ]

  • Wonderful Class Rooms
  • Toddler Classes
  • Parents Leading and Sharing at South Bay Chinese School
  • Tai Chi for Adults
  • Representing Chinese culture to the community
  • High School Level Courses

Welcome to South Bay Chinese School website  

       Phone Number: (310) 780-0222
School Location:   
600 Cloyden Road, Palos Verdes Estates,
CA 90274 [MAP]

(Palos Verdes High School campus )

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Chinese language
and Culture Classes 

We are the only non-profit school serving the South Bay (Los Angeles) community for 40+ years by teaching Chinese culture, language, and arts.
  • Mandarin classes - based on phonetics (traditional characters)
  • Mandarin classes - Hanyu Pinyin (simplified characters)
  • Cantonese classes
  • Adult Mandarin conversational class
  • SAT Chinese, Pre-AP, and Homework Tutoring classes.
  • High School foreign language credit class
  • Weiqi, Tai Chi, Chinese Culinary, Drawing, Basketball,
    gBeng for all School, SAT Chinese, AP and More
    [Full List Here]


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 Frequently Asked Questions
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  • FUN RUN FUN  See the Videos 

  • NEW cultural activities! 1  冬節Winter Festival 2  春節 (農曆新年)Chinese New Year 3.  元宵節 (吃湯圓.提燈籠)Lantern Festival 4. 清明節 (掃墓)Ancestors' Day  5.  端午節 (吃綜子)Dragon Boat Festival
  • SBCS wants to know if you would like and ENRICHMENT class offered at your own very grade school, we can do this but you need to gather and let us know if you want this option at your school. Please send your Enrichment Survey.
  • First Day of School is August 30 Register at Admin Office Room 212 PVHS 9am-12pm
  • CLASSES FALL 2014 Directory 

2014-2015 Open Now 

First Day of School is August 30 Register at Admin Office PVHS 9am-12pm

  Returning Students Registration form Here
  This class lets you stay with your young child this is very helpful if you have an older child enrolled, Storytelling and Much more. Click Here to download Registration Package

   Weiqi, Tai Chi, Chinese Culinary, Drawing, Basketball, Tutoring for all Classes after school, Mommy and MeAdult Mandarin Conversation, SAT Chinese, AP and More

Summer School forum page with Videos and Photos and - FAQ's 


  We try to keep events like the poetry contest, Fun Run, and the poster contest, meetings and class dates on this calendar.Click Here for Fall Calendar 2014 and for Spring Calendar 2015.

  We know kids may get hungry so we try to provide a regular food option at our school days for your convenience.

  Each Year we Celebrate Chinese New Year we also celebrate the Autumn New Moon Festival and many other Holidays at our School

  This page has photos of a typical day at Chinese School.

    Click Here for Surveys School, & Teacher


Weiqi, Tai Chi, Chinese Culinary, Adult Mandarin conversational class


The Essence of Scholarship"...Give our kids a chance to learn to apply for an endowment with effort. It's an invaluable learning process." Get more information today. See scholarship winners!

  We are always seeking skilled teachers and amazing tutors at our school.
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Chinese New Year Spring Festivals at SBCS
  Xie Xie (thank you) Wenchi Laoshi (teacher) 
for professional narration, editing, and Videographics!

Teachers Appreciation at SBCS we celebrate our teachers!


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Check South Bay Chinese School
 Frequently Asked Questions
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The mission of South Bay CHINESE SCHOOL (SBCS) is to teach students Chinese language and culture through classroom instructions, special art, cultural events, and field trips. To accomplish these we rely on the experience of our teachers, the cooperation and involvement of parents, the active participation of students and also great community support.