Summer Camp 2024 July 15 - August 9
9am - 3pm

Lead Teacher: Laney Wang
Students will learn how to name animals, describe their physical characteristics and habits, and learn about China’s national treasure, the giant panda.  They will discuss videos and pictures, guess  answers to riddles, do class performances, sing songs and learn tongue twisters, draw their favorite animals and explain why it’s their favorite, tell stories, learn the Tang poem, “Ode to the Goose,” and play outdoor games with Chinese children’s songs.
Lead Teacher: Laney Wang
Students will learn about important traditional festivals in China, such as mid-Autumn festival, dragon boat festival, Spring festival (lunar new year), and the lantern festival.  They will learn about the special foods related to these traditional festivals, be able to name the ingredients (and their taste, color, shape, etc), and learn the steps and methods of making foods such as dumplings or glutinous rice balls.  Class activities include discussing videos, guessing riddles, telling stories, crafts, food preparation (dumplings or glutinous rice balls), and outdoor activities with children’s songs.
Lead Teacher: Ding Yu
Students will discuss this painting (food, fruits, colors,etc), the differences between Chinese & Western foods and fruits, and the background and meaning of the painting.  Class activities will include creating a picture using fruits & vegetables, card games to help students learn & possibly write the names of vocabulary words, short videos about  Chinese food & this painting, games where one student describes a fruit, flower, or vegetable & others guess what it is, various Chinese word games, Chinese board games (5 in a row), class discussions/presentations/writing (if Chinese level is appropriate) of students’ favorite foods including shape, color, taste.
Lead Teacher: Ding Yu
Campers will discuss this painting, the country names and flags represented, body parts and their corresponding movements, history of Olympics, and the Olympic spirit.  Class activities will include badminton, various sporting activities, short videos, chess, and various games like card games to learn the material presented.

In the unlikely event that two of the weeks need to be switched with each other, you will be able to switch weeks without any additional charge as long as there is space in the class.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Q: Will lunch and snacks be provided?
A: No, we will not be providing lunch and snacks. Please provide your camper with your own lunch and snacks. If there is a cooking class where food will be provided, the parents for that camp week will be notified.

Q: Is there early care or after care available?
A: No, at this time, we don't have the personnel to provide early care or after care. We realize this is highly inconvenient to working parents. If this changes, we will send another e-mail and update our website.

Q: Where at Mt. Olive will the camp be held? What outdoor space will be used?
A: We are using the Mt. Olive multipurpose room, which is a large room with an attached kitchen. We also have access to the outside area by the multipurpose room. We do not have access to the gated playground in the back that is used for Mt. Olive's preschool.

Q: What is the teacher to student ratio?
A: Our maximum capacity is 20 campers per week. If there are 1-10 students, we will have one teacher. Another adult (likely SBCS principal), will be present every morning to ensure the camp gets off to a great start every morning. If there are 11-20 students, we will have 2 teachers. Depending on our high school volunteer teaching assistants' availability, we may also have high schoolers assisting with the camp.

Q: How will campers be grouped? How many classes will there be?
A: If there are 10 or fewer students, there will be 1 class. If there are 11-20 students, there may be some time that all the students are together and other segments where students students will be split into 2 groups. The groups will be split based on age and Chinese ability. If there are 2 groups, they will both share the common space of the multipurpose room.

Q: Is there a sibling discount?
A: No, there is no sibling discount.

Q: Will Cantonese be taught at the summer camp?
A: No, the camp will be held in Mandarin Chinese. In future years, if there is enough interest and we can find Cantonese teachers to run a week of Cantonese camp, we will consider it.

Q: Is this a Mandarin immersion camp? Will any English be spoken?
A: Mandarin will be the primary language spoken and teachers will make every attempt to speak only Mandarin and encourage children to speak Mandarin. However, if absolutely needed for communication or if needed to help students speak Mandarin, English will be used. It will be up to the teacher's discretion.

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